Veterans Park – Pomona

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Veterans Park Apartments exterior overview of complex with American flag flying in foreground
Veterans Park community center with seating and games
Veterans Park community room TV viewing area
Veterans Park building exterior
Veterans Park patio area with tables and playground
Veterans Park apartment living room
Veterans Park outdoor seating area
Project Description

Veterans Park Apartments is an affordable multi-family apartment complex in Pomona, California. The family community consists of 61 apartments ranging in size from 600 to 1,100 square feet.

Veterans Park Apartments serves veteran families and their needs by providing high-quality affordable housing with modern amenities and on-site services. The 1.27-acre site is located two blocks from the Pomona Transit Center, a major hub with the regional transit authority. It is also within walking distance from Pomona’s Arts District and lively downtown area.

The property has a single Type V over Type I building using high standards of design and construction, drawing from surrounding mission architecture and the nearby historic Pomona train depot. It incorporates public art elements to tie into the City’s nearby Arts District.

Veterans Park Apartments has a 1,052 square foot Veterans Center; a 1,725 square foot children’s center; and a 1,072 common room in the first level Community Room. On the second level, the property has 267 square feet of conference and counseling space.

Veterans Park Apartments has three areas for social services. The Veterans Center is dedicated to serving the unique needs of veterans—from transitioning into civilian life to navigating the immense Veterans Affairs system—the services offered support the needs of service heroes.

An on-site service coordinator provides assistance with activities such as disseminating information about services available at the service center and in the community, and organizing community-building activities. The children’s center hosts after-school programs. Services include tutoring, mentoring, homework help, art, educational games, and recreation activities.

The community includes 25 one-bedroom /one bath units, 15 two-bedroom / two-bath units, 20 three-bedroom / two bath units. One unit is reserved as an unrestricted manager’s unit.

All apartment styles offer contemporary living arrangements with balconies that open out to the courtyard to neighborhood streets. Each apartment features personal storage space, and modern kitchens and bathrooms. All kitchens have garbage disposals, dishwashers, and energy-efficient appliances. The building is designed with a large open courtyard to provide play and social spaces for families to enjoy.

Proximity to services including: public library, park, stores, pharmacy, transit, and churches.

Property type: Affordable

Year Completed: 2021
No. Units: 61
Developer: AMCAL Multi-Housing, Inc.
Contractor: AMCAL General Contractors
Architect: WHA

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TTY/TDD: 711 for hearing impaired